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Do you regularly suffer from annoying error messages on your computer? Or do certain programs suddenly stop working while they did before? This is very annoying but fortunately we can solve these computer problems for you. An ICT malfunction is very annoying which makes you unable to continue. We offer computer help and are happy to solve ICT problems for you.

Solving problems is what we are good at, preventing problems is even better which is why we offer workplace management. Through workplace management from Enexus, we help keep your workstations up to date, monitor for system problems and are available to resolve technical defects in the workplace.

What is workplace management?

Workplace management is a broad term. Basically, it comes down to keeping all devices as reliable as possible thanks to managing workstations. In every company it happens that computers have problems or the printer won’t work today. Just before that important presentation with investors, the projector is not working. These are problems you would prefer to avoid as early as possible. Indeed, this is exactly what workplace management is all about. Among other things, thanks to monitors it is possible to reduce the probability of malfunctions. This means that workplace management allows us to detect equipment failures quickly. And we always install the latest updates, so employees can stay focused on their work.

Enexus specializes in workplace management. That’s why we operate in a variety of industries. We think about each case in advance. In this way, we give workplace management a different interpretation at every company. In other words, management is tailored to your requirements. Because we intervene immediately when failures threaten to occur, the likelihood of failures can remain small. That’s why we work with a smart monitoring system that provides immediate notifications when problems arise.

What does workplace management cost?

Looking to outsource workplace management? This can be done for as little as a fixed amount per month. Even if new incidents occur, this is within the package. In other words; there are no unexpected costs afterwards. That way, it is always clear exactly what outsourcing workplace management costs. By bringing in workplace management, it is possible to minimize any costs due to breakdowns or stress caused by IT problems.

Weer focus op de zaken die ertoe doen en weg met de ICT stress? Kies dan voor Enexus. Ontdek op welke fronten wij je kunnen helpen en adviseren. Certified system administrators and appropriate management methods.

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About Enexus

Enexus is an ICT service provider in the broadest sense of the word. From internet connections in the office or outlying area to workstations, telephony and website. We like to think along in solutions and give independent, open and honest advice. And with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, we can handle almost any problem or issue.

Our commitment is to quality, reliable and affordable ICT. Also, if there is a glitch or problem with a provider or software package, we are happy to take over the contact from you for a worry-free experience. A short question like “is this email real or fake?” we don’t bother with. Our system administrators continually monitor the latest developments; we encourage this as a company as well. This allows us to proactively advise our clients on the latest state of affairs and possible required action items. The websites of the National Cyber Security Center and Exploit DB are in our favorites.