3CX VoIP phone technology, a proven system for business telephone communication

Almost every company can be reached by a telephone number. Did you know that there are more possibilities than just forwarding to a telephone number? We use 3CX VoIP phone technology. This way it is possible to set up an entire telephone system. With this solution, you can integrate your business telephone communication with your laptop, computer, or smartphone. This means that you are no longer tied to landlines. Thanks to the top-quality IP connections you can set up a comprehensive telephone system without major investments.

By using 3CX VoIP phone technology you get much more possibilities. For example, would you like to have a call menu or a personalized voicemail? No problem, because with our VoIP integration it is possible. It is even possible to integrate VoIP technology with other services. This way Microsoft 365 can be combined with a telephone system. This means that you can immediately see who is calling you. If your current phone system no longer meets your demands, or if you are looking for a simpler solution, we recommend changing to our hosted 3CX VoIP phone system.

Door gebruik te maken van de 3CX VoIP telefonie beschik je over veel mogelijkheden. Wil je bijvoorbeeld een keuzemenu of een persoonlijke voicemail? Geen probleem, met onze VoIP integratie is dat mogelijk. Het is zelfs mogelijk om VoIP telefonie te integreren met andere diensten. Zo kunnen Microsoft 365 prima gecombineerd worden met de telefooncentrale. Op die manier kun je meteen zien wie je belt. Als je huidige telefooncentrale echt niet meer voldoet of je een simpelere oplossing zoekt, raden we je aan om over te stappen op onze hosted 3CX VoIP telefonie.

Switching to VoIP phone technology has several benefits:

  • No limits to the size of your organization;
  • No limits to the size of your organization;
  • Possibilities to set up a call menu;
  • Call schedules and forwarding is possible;
  • Setting up voicemail and forwarding to email;
  • Incoming fax forwarding to email;
  • Integration with many applications possible;
  • Can also be used on a mobile phone;
  • Manage the entire environment yourself;
  • In combination with a business 088 or 085 number.

3CX integration for iOS and Android

VoIP phone technology can be used on various platforms. It does not matter whether you want to install a 3CX Client on iOS or Android. All your phone calls from your landline can be forwarded to your smartphone. Employees can check whether colleagues are available through a status page. This makes successfully forwarding a call to one of your colleagues easy. The only thing you need is a 3CX app and an internet connection. It is also possible to link a landline number to your mobile network. We offer a fixed mobile phone system with a sim card. This way your mobile number and landline number can be wirelessly connected.

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