IT optimally secured

Within a company or an organization, sensitive data must remain within the organization. Unfortunately, in recent years this has been less and less the case. Because of attacks by cybercriminals the number of data breaches has increased substantially these past years. It is quite common that criminals break into systems of organizations and threaten to make sensitive data public. To prevent this, you want to secure your data using sufficient protection. An attack on different data such as quotations, blueprints, transactions, and personnel records can lead to operational issues, reputation damage, and even fines as a result of improper action. At Enexus we can advise and assist you with setting up extra security measures.

How to optimally secure IT?

Optimally securing IT requires some strategic thinking. After all, prevention is always better than cure. It is important that sensitive information such as client information, blueprints, and personnel records is not leaked. A data breach must always be reported to the Data Protection Authority and can even lead to hefty fines. This is why it is important to get IT security matters in order. We can do this in different ways.

Managed Firewalls

The first method to keep intruders at bay is by installing a managed firewall. The management of the firewall falls on us. It is therefore not necessary for you to install and set up this firewall yourself. This way external security threats are countered ahead of time. As a result, any failure in the network infrastructure is less likely to happen and there are no backdoors left open.

Microsoft Advanced Threat protection for safe working

Another way to optimize security is by using Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. Chances are that this name may not ring any bells. It is a service from Microsoft which makes it possible to detect and prevent threats. This way we can always take action in time.

Honeypot provides a secure and controlled work environment

Last but not least we can install honeypot. This is a computer that on purpose opens up vulnerabilities. Thus, attracting cybercriminals to these systems like bees to honey. The information on the hackers is saved, so that we can take immediate action and keep the IT systems secure.

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