Work from anywhere in an online workplace

Working from whatever location? It is possible with an online workplace. Such a workstation gives you access to all your personal documents, files, and email. Log in and get started right away thanks to the company software. It does not matter which device you use. With just one shortcut you can connect with the office. This online workplace offers you the possibility, through a small, silent, and low-energy mini-PC, to have all your programs on hand. Additionally, you can log in to your online workplace anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

An online workplace is different for every company. Therefore, we can customize it. This way we adapt the workplace to your requirements, wishes, and needs. Thanks to online workplaces you do not have to invest anymore in expensive, high-performance computers.

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Online workplace benefits at a glance

Online workplace benefits at a glance

The decision for an online workplace offers you various possibilities:

1. Save on investments

It is not necessary anymore to constantly invest in new computers with high-performing hardware. A more affordable computer is already enough to create a connection and have access to all your programs.

2. High speeds thanks to fiber optics

The experience with online workplaces will be much better. That is because the workstations are connected to a so-called internet node. The advantage of this is that you can expect great speeds and less waiting before the connection is created.

3. Automatic backups

Every night we make backups of your online workplace. This way you do not have to worry anymore about whether you securely saved your documents. It is no longer necessary to perform your own backup of your computers or servers.

4. Always have access

Thanks to the online workplace you always have access to all your files and programs, on any device. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

5. Improved security

An online workplace assures that all your data is safely and properly stored in a data center. A well-protected building with our servers. In case your computer is stolen, you will not lose any of your documents. Because this is all stored in your online workplace.

6. Just one standard monthly fee

No surprises with high IT charges. Just one set monthly fee for maintenance, support, and the online workplace. Success guaranteed.

7. Less power consumption

Making use of an energy-consuming server is not necessary anymore. You can therefore save substantially on energy costs. By setting up an online workplace you can save up to a hundred euros per month.

Get started with an online workplace

Thanks to an online workplace you can start working immediately. Resulting in much more productivity and the possibility to work anywhere. This makes your company much more efficient. For a set monthly fee, you know exactly what to expect. The online workplaces are safely secured on our servers in the Netherlands. You can test our online workplace without any obligations.

Enexus offers exclusive guarantees for a stable and high-speed online workplace. Completion is based on proper project planning and a non-binding testing period. Enexus is the best IT partner for small and medium-sized businesses. With our dedicated system management knowledge, we have a suitable solution to any problem.

Additional services for working even safer

For a more complete online workplace, we also offer further expansion options. This includes a VoIP phone system, internet connections, and Microsoft 365. Everything handled by a dependable and reliable partner? With Enexus you are in the right location.