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When the workplace of employees is properly equipped, it ensures a smooth and efficient workflow in your company. But how do you make sure that the workplaces are optimally secured and that technical issues do not cause much delay? Through workplace management by Enexus, we help to keep your workplaces up to date, we monitor system problems and we stand ready to solve technical defects in the workplace.
Every organization consists of various workplaces. Almost every employee works daily with computers, laptops, or tablets. With the use of technology, there is always a chance that problems arise. That is why it is possible to outsource IT tasks through workplace management. This enhances the reliability of equipment and ensures that employees can always do their jobs. However, managing workplaces can be very time-consuming and it requires a great deal of knowledge. If problems do arise, it is essential to act fast. For this very reason, it is good to outsource workplace management.

What is workplace management?

Workplace management is a broad term. It comes to making sure that all equipment remains as reliable as possible through the management of workplaces. In every company, it occasionally happens that computers display problems or the printer refuses to cooperate. Just before giving that important presentation to the investors, the beamer stops working. These are the problems you can prevent from happening as early as possible. This is precisely what workplace management is all about. Thanks to monitoring, among others, it is possible to reduce the risk of malfunctions. This means that because of workplace management we can quickly detect failures in equipment. Moreover, we always install the latest updates so that employees can keep focusing on their work.

Enexus specializes in workplace management. Therefore, we are active in various industries. With each case, we brainstorm and come up with ideas together beforehand. As a result, we implement workplace management in each company differently. In other words: the management is aligned to your needs. Because we immediately act when malfunctions are likely to occur, the risk of failure remains small. We, therefore, work with a smart monitoring system that instantly provides alerts if problems arise.

How much does workplace management cost?

Are you interested in outsourcing workplace management? It is possible for a fixed monthly fee. Even if new incidents arise, it is included in the package. In other words: there are no unexpected expenses later. This way it is always clear how much it exactly costs to outsource workplace management. By employing workplace management, it is possible to keep potential costs due to malfunctions or the stress because of IT problems as low as possible.Refocusing on the things that matter and eliminating IT stress? Then choose Enexus. Discover the various ways in which we can support and advise you. Certified system administrators and appropriate management methods.

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Enexus is an IT provider in the broadest sense of the word. From internet connections at the office or in the countryside to workplaces, phone systems, and websites. We work together with you to find solutions while providing independent, transparent and honest advice. With a multidisciplinary team of specialists, we can resolve almost any problem or issue.
Our aim is high-quality, reliable, and affordable IT. Even if there is a failure or a problem with a provider or a software suite, we would be happy to take it off your hands for an untroubled experience. Asking a quick question such as “is this email real or fake?” is not a bother for us. Our system administrators keep track of the latest developments, which is something we are encouraging as a company. This is how we can proactively advise our clients about the latest information and possible points of action. In our office, the websites of the National Cyber Security Center and Exploit DB are bookmarked as favorites.