Server management – outsourcing

Managing a server on your own can be difficult. You might have too little time for it or you do not have the right knowledge. And that while a server is the beating hard of every company network. Servers store all the important files and applications. It is important to keep the server up to date and to monitor it. Because that way failures can be prevented. In an era where cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent, it is vital to have the security of servers in order. That is why it is important to routinely carry out service management. How do you make sure that the systems are properly secured and that updates are implemented in time? At Enexus we take care of all these tasks and we stand ready to solve technical problems. We ensure a highly secure and stable IT environment.


Service management not only includes regular updates of the software on the servers so that it remains secure. Prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, we keep an eye on all servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week by monitoring. We receive a signal as soon as system problems occur. This way we can intervene, even before the malfunction arises. That is why we work with smart monitoring software that detects system problems early on. Additionally, we also carry out other tasks: checking backups, implementing updates, and, evidently, providing technical support.

Server management – security and trust, without any worries

By outsourcing server management, you are sure that you have a secure and reliable computer network. After all, a system crash is unacceptable for any company. No work can be done and that could have financial consequences. For this reason, we always work proactively thanks to proper monitoring. This way servers are always up to date and breakdowns can usually be prevented.

Guaranteed security for a fixed monthly fee

For a fixed monthly fee security for all your IT systems. Immediate support in case of incidents and no unexpected expenses later. Refocusing on the things that matter and eliminating IT stress? Then choose Enexus. Discover the various ways in which we can support and advise you. We are certified system administrators and use appropriate management methods.

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