Online backup

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost all your files and documents? It can happen to anyone. There is a good chance that you have files on your laptop or computer that you do not want to lose. For example, research that you worked on for years. That is why it is important to make regular backups. However, most people only start making a backup after having lost their files. Therefore, choose the smart backup software of Enexus. We make backup copies of all your devices. Did you get a virus or has your laptop stopped working? No problem, just get everything back with our encrypted backups. This service is ideal for freelancers, but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

Simply ensure an automatic online backup every day

Do not worry about making backups. We make daily automatic backups of all files. Install our software on the device of which you want to make a backup, and we do the rest. Thanks to a preset program we provide backups of all your files every day. Thereby not risking losing important files anymore. Our backup software is suitable for all workstations and servers. This way our software provides support to, for example, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

It could happen that your computer was not on at the moment you had planned a backup. No problem, our software will still make a backup once the computer system is online. We track the status of the backup. If something goes wrong, we take immediate action so that you do not risk losing data.

Benefits of business online backup

Using a business online backup offers several benefits:

  • Always a recent backup copy;
  • Automatic backup of your entire system;
  • Running a backup hourly or daily;
  • Anywhere in the world access to your encrypted backup;
  • Data protected against fire, loss, or viruses;
  • Secure encryption for all your sensitive files;
  • One-time setup;
  • No worries anymore about backups.

Try our online backup now!

Try now our online backup. No need to make backups anymore on external hard drives. The use of an online backup is more cost-effective and reliable.

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