In the cloud with hosted NextCloud

Sharing files and collaborating anywhere? With Hosted NextCloud that is not a problem. Thanks to this service you can work on your files anytime, anywhere, and on almost any device. Hosted NextCloud is a business solution to save all your personal files. You can open these then at a later time from any location. Do not worry about the security of sensitive information. We will make sure that the protection is in order. With this package, we ensure that documents will remain available through a backup. This way your data is always secure.

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The special benefits of Hosted NextCloud

Hosted NextCloud is a solution for all companies that are looking for a secure and flexible cloud solution. With this service, it is possible to save your files in the cloud and synchronize between the different devices. This way you can also share your corporate files with your colleagues. It is not necessary anymore to use for example Dropbox or Google Drive. All your company data is safely stored and automatically synchronized. We do this on our high-security servers in the Evoswitch Data Center in Haarlem.

It is possible to purchase licenses for Hosted NextCloud per user or environment. When buying licenses per user we provide direct support to the end-user. It is also possible to choose a managed NextCloud environment. You can manage this yourself. Thus, making it easier for you to add users and only receive an invoice for the used gigabytes for storage.

With Hosted NextCloud a world of possibilities opens up for you. For example, by connecting this with a log server such as LDAP or Active Directory. With just one login all your passwords are synchronized. If you make a mistake, you can simply restore the previous version. Thanks to Hosted NextCloud there are many integrations possible. You could for instance link an e-mail environment or an agenda. This way you can find all integrations in one place.

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